Professor Mica Jovanovic, PhD  was born in 1953 in Knjazevac, Eastern Serbia. He completed high school in Bor (1972) and graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade (1976). He acquired his Master Degree in the fields of Sociology of Work the same year at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He defended his first Doctoral Dissertation at the University in London in 1983 (Management and Industrial Relations), and the second Doctoral Dissertation (Organizational Sciences) at the University in Maribor in 1991. Prof. Mića Jovanovic started his university career immediatelly upon graduation in 1976, and became a Full-Time University Professor in 1996.
During the time between 1976 and 1991, he was working at the University of Belgrade (with interruptions due to his engagements in  England), and from the year of 1991 at Megatrend Business School. Between 1997 and 1999, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Management in Zajecar. In the year of 1999, he became Rector of Megatrend University in Belgrade.
Within the years from 1983 until 1989 he was a Visiting Professor at various foreign universities: London Scool of Economics (1983), Bradford University (1983), Portsmouth Polytechnics (1983), Freie Universität Berlin (1987), Okayama University, Japan (1989), University of Tokyo (1991),  École supérieure de commerce, Grenoble (1997), Grenoble (1997), Seoul National University (1998).
During the years between 1983 and 1989 he was a memeber of the research team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the project called „The Future of Work in Automotive Industry With The Focus on Manufacturing Process Robotization.“
Prof. Mića Jovanovic has been the President of International Expert Consortium in London since 1991. He served in two mandats, as a member of Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Executive Comitee at the headquarters in Tokyo and Berlin. He is the president of the General Cosmology Research Laboratory in Paris.
Professor Jovanovic has been awarded the title „The Knight of the Fleur de Lys“ of the British Order.
He is the winner of the Cultural Community Award of Belgrade (2002) for the book „Intercultural Management“.
For extraordinary results in business undertakings, educational projects and contribution to Serbian cultural environment during the years of 2003 and 2004, he was officially nominated (2004 and 2005) „The Businessman of The Year“ – positioning himself among the most successful businessmen in the country. In April of 2006 he was awarder with the Golden Link award for his continious contribution to Belgrade culture.
In the year of 2007 Professor Jovanovic was awarded an International Socrates Award from Oxford University for the achievement in Science, Education and Culture.

Professor Mića Jovanovic was given an acknowledgement of Grenoble Ecole de Management in 2007, for the extraordinary pedagogical achievement.

In the organization of European Movement and First European House, Professor Mića Jovanovic was awarded the Best European for 2007 award, for the results in Science,
Culture and Education.
At the awarding ceremony of international acknowledgements by the European Assembly in Vienna, held on December 8th 2008, Professor Mića Jovanovic, was presented with a European Quality Award in the fields of education.

In the year of 2009, Professor Jovanovic was elected the Expert of the Social and Economic Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Professor Jovanovic is the author of more than 80 scientific and professional papers published both in Serbia and abroad. He is also the author of five books published internationally: „Self-Management Sociology“ (1980), „69 Lessons of Management“ (1991), „Intercultural Management“ (2001), „Work Motivation and Self-Management“ (London, 2002), „Busines-Art de Vivre“ (2008), „The Power of The Mind-The History of Megatrend University 1989-2009“ (2010).

He is also a co-author of : "Strategic Management“ (1990, witht the group of authors) „What is Behind The Japanese Miracle“ (with Sung-Jo Park, London-Berlin, Tokyo, 1995),„Organizational Behavior“ (1999, with Mirjana Petkovic) „Strategic Management“ (with Ana Langovic, 2001) „Project Management“ (with Ana Langovic, 2001), „Organizational Behavior“ (with Momcilo Zivkovic and Tatjana Cvetkovski, 2003), Intercultural Challenges of Globallization“ (with Ana Langovic, 2006), „Before The Bing Bang“ (with Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff, 2006) „The Pinciples of  Human Resource Management“ (Zivko Kulic and Tatjana Cvetkovski, 2008) „Project Management“ (with Ana Langovic and Slavica Kostic-Nikolic, 2010).

He presented his papers at more than 30 international and national academic conferences and conventions.